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EMI/RFI Gaskets

PNA offers a wide range of EMI/RFI shielding materials. These materials are used to prevent radiation interference from reducing performance of electronic devices. 

These EMI/RFI gaskets have outstanding physical properties, including wide-operating temperatures, high chemical, fuel and solvent resistance and a long life for critical applications.  

Our EMI gaskets and seals create a conductive path through seams and other openings in an electronic enclosure.  These gaskets block electrical differences across the shield surface and establish a smooth current flow.  Additionally, our gasketing materials will ensure environmental protection as well as vibration resistance.  EMI/RFI gaskets are fabricated to the customers’ dimensions.

EMI Gaskets

Material / Product Types

  • Wire Oriented in Silicone
  • Conductive Elastomers
  • Fabric-Over-Foam
  • Shielding Tapes
  • Aluminum in Fluorosilicone
  • Nickel Graphite in Silicone
  • Monel Wire in Silicone
  • Microwave Absorbing Materials
  • Knitted Wire Mesh


  • Aerospace
  • Communications
  • Defense
  • Avionics
  • Automotive
  • Medical


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Deep engineering capabilities with expert knowledge of EMI RFI specifications

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1,000’s of designs integrated into battle-harsh and commercially challenging environments

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Orders delivered on time and to specification


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From initial production design to full scale production

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