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Conductive O-Rings

Material / Product Types

Standard solid Conductive O-ring materials include: Conductive Fluorosilicone, Conductive EPDM, Conductive Neoprene. These can be filled with:

  • Nickel Coated Graphite
  • Silver-Plated Copper
  • Silver-Plated Aluminum
  • Silver-Plated Nickel
  • Silver Plated Graphite


  • Aerospace
  • Communications
  • Defense
  • Automotive
  • Medical


Proven Knowledge

Deep engineering capabilities with expert knowledge of EMI RFI specifications

Field Proven

1,000’s of designs integrated into battle-harsh and commercially challenging environments

Proven Track Record 

Orders delivered on time and to specification


Satisfying Stringent Demands

Meeting requirements for mission critical applications

Product of Choice

For industries such as aerospace, rugged commercial and automotive


From project concept until completion

EMI O-rings are electrically conductive gaskets that provide constant shielding against electromagnetic interference (EMI), disturbances that can disrupt electronic components, modules, and systems.

These EMI shielding gaskets are made of specialty materials that are packed with metallic or metal-coated particles. Silicones, a family of synthetic elastomers, withstand a wide range of temperatures and provide environmental sealing. The metallic or metal-coated particles in EMI silicones provide electrical conductivity.  O-Rings are fabricated to the customer’s dimensional requirements.

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